Thursday, January 17, 2008

The back of the image will be sticky and my favorite thing to do is to apply some pigment powders to it. Pearl Ex or Powder Pearls can be brushed on or you can use a gold leaf pen, apply sheets of gold leaf, chalks, paints, glitter, glitter glue or anything that you like (did I leave anything out??? :). One other thing to try is to cut your image out before you apply it to the tape (use decorative scissors or tear your image) and then after you have placed your image on the sticky side of the tape, place different papers around your image (also on the sticky side of the tape) like newspaper print, print from a magazine, and other images like flowers to make a collage on the tape and you will end up with this gorgeous piece of artwork. Leave little gaps in the papers and then fill them with the powders, glitter or gold leaf for an interesting effect.


Dancing Faerie said...

Awesome. Thanks for the packing tape instructions. I can't wait to get started. Thanks! Rhonda T.

Kim said...

Love that tutorial! Thanks Lori! Kim