Thursday, December 6, 2007

What does the workspace of a Mixed Media Artist look like?

Well I can tell you that it is not a pretty picture as you can see for yourself. Since my move out west, the space has become much smaller and there's no where to put anything. Not to mention that I share my room with one of the family pets - - our cat whose name is "269". Long story but she came with the house when my daughter bought it and since my daughter manages one of the veterinary clinics here, well what could she do? :) I really don't mind because she is sweet and loves to curl up and purr! What I do mind is that she does not help cleaning up the mess that I make! I will get a picture of her and post it.

Well here you see my creative contraption of cubby holes a.k.a. a shoe rack! My daughter was going to throw it away but I had a better idea!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More of My Space

Here is my stack of shelves! My daughter was going to throw them out also...I wasn't sure what they were shelves for - - a TV? Nope - - shelves for a microwave. Okay, why not... I piled them up and use them to house some of the 100's (or could that be 1000's??) of rubber stamps that I own. NO they are not all there! HA HA! I have 3 huge totes full sitting in the garage.

And yes that is a jar of instant coffee on the lower right side. No 269 and I don't drink that...we use it in our art.

There are more shelves but it was way too messy to show.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Saved the worse for last!

OK, so here is where all the creation begins on my desk (table, work area, studio). You can pick one of those words as it might fit in. And yes this was also recycled. My mother had this table on her patio and no longer needed it. Could you say that my "work space" is a form of altered arts? I took things that were meant for one thing and used them for something else. OK I am stretching it a bit but it sounds good.

I am a messy artist. I have to admit that. Right now, believe it or not, I just sort of cleaned it to take this picture. Well, sort of pushed things back to make it look like I have a spot to create in. But I am one of those people that if my work space is clean I freak right out! I like a mess when I am creating. Call me crazy but it helps me. I keep piling up the supplies, tools, inks, pictures, glue etc., etc. and the space will get smaller and smaller and then I can't find a thing...did you notice that there are 2 bottles of my glitter glue in the same colors? Did I get them on sale? NOPE! I usually buy 2 of everything because I loose it on my desk! LOL!

Well I have come out of my comfort zone and have showed the world "my space!" How about you share your creative work space?