Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More of My Space

Here is my stack of shelves! My daughter was going to throw them out also...I wasn't sure what they were shelves for - - a TV? Nope - - shelves for a microwave. Okay, why not... I piled them up and use them to house some of the 100's (or could that be 1000's??) of rubber stamps that I own. NO they are not all there! HA HA! I have 3 huge totes full sitting in the garage.

And yes that is a jar of instant coffee on the lower right side. No 269 and I don't drink that...we use it in our art.

There are more shelves but it was way too messy to show.

1 comment:

Maryanne said...

I loved your packing tape ATC's. But was also moved by your studio pics. Hey, I don't feel so bad now. LOL Multi media sure takes up the space doesn't it?