Monday, April 21, 2008

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 1

Okay, as promised here is my post on how I do my backgrounds using Portfolio Series Oil Pastels. They are so great to use. Remember this technique works so well because the Portfolio Oil Pastels are water soluble.

I first start with my blank ATCs that I cut from a cereal box. I always love to use recycled products in my art when I can.

The supplies that I used are included in this photo. Blank ATCs, gesso, acrylic matte medium, paint brush, and of course the pastels. One other tool not shown here that is vital to this project is your finger! Now let's get on with it!

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 2

I paint each ATC (I use the blank side of the cereal box.) with a couple coats of the white gesso. Don't worry about painting in one direction. When you apply the gesso in different directions it will give you interesting lines for your background. Don't worry if your ATCs start to bend and curl; they will be fine once they dry and they will be flat again.

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 3

Using the pastels, scribble two colors of your choice. I like to use two and if I want to add more, I do that later. You don't have to cover the entire ATC.

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 4

This is where you get to use your fingers. Rub the oil pastels into your ATC. It is not important to have the pastels all the way to the edge of the ATC. You will blend them in the next step.

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 5

This next step is where we are going to seal the oil pastels into the ATC blank. Using the matte medium and that finger of yours again, rub the matte medium all around the blank ATC. You will see how it starts to liquefy the oil pastels and how the colors will start to blend.

On the last three in the bottom row, I used gesso instead of the matte medium. Using the gesso will lighten any heavy colors you used and give it more of a pastel or softer look.

When you use the gesso just apply a little dab on your finger and start rubbing and blending it into the ATC.

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 6

I stamped some images randomly onto my backgrounds using various inks. I used Brilliance White and Ranger's Archival Sepia and Black Ink.

Now we have 9 ATCs just waiting to be used!

Are you wondering where the completed ATCs are??

You will find them in the May issue of Altered Arts e-magazine which you can download for free.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Step-by-Step Packing Tape Transfer That I did

A fun and easy technique to use on your ATCs, Altered Books, or you can use it to make beautiful greeting cards.

I used "Duck" band packing tape for this technique, but you can also use clear, contact paper which will render a larger piece for your image.

The best type of images to use should be laser printed, which most collage sheets are (this image is courtesy of Altered Pages), or you can make your own up. You can also use copies from a magazine, newspaper, or book.