Monday, April 21, 2008

Portfolio Oil Pastel Tutorial Step 6

I stamped some images randomly onto my backgrounds using various inks. I used Brilliance White and Ranger's Archival Sepia and Black Ink.

Now we have 9 ATCs just waiting to be used!

Are you wondering where the completed ATCs are??

You will find them in the May issue of Altered Arts e-magazine which you can download for free.

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Michi Michaelson said...

This oil pastel tutorial is simply AWESOME, Lori!!! I have some oil pastels, but I don't recall why I bought them . . . I'm so glad I now have a technique to make some beautiful backgrounds like yours!! THANKS so much for sharing!!!!!

Angela said...

I love my oil pastels and had this exact idea in mind for weeks. I -need- to get around to trying it :-p

They look great!

Jennifer Conway said...

Thanks for sharing! They look great - very inspiring!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for giving me a reason to FINALLY yank out the box of Portfolio Pastels that I've had for six months (and didn't know quite what to do with them)! I just knew they'd be good for something.

I just got finished trying out your tutorial and I gotta tell ya, it was FUN! I experimented with different thicknesses of ATC papers/cardstocks and found that I liked using watercolor paper (140 lbs, cold pressed) the best. I love the way the pastels can be "manipulated" so easily when rubbing them. I also tried "sealing" the pastels using both the Golden gel medium and white gesso. The gesso kinda gives it a shabby chic look and the gel medium brightens and shines it a little. I like both!

Oh...maybe this will help save someone from getting a hernia the next time you try and open your bottle of Gesso or Golden gel medium - put some vaseline around the outside rim of the bottle and inside the cap area so that it won't stick like CEMENT when it dries! I should have done this right away BEFORE using them, but I didn't think they'd be THAT HARD TO OPEN. Needless to say...I am prolly gonna be SORE tomorrow just from opening those bottles! LOL!

Anyway, just wanted to share my "experience" and also to thank you for posting this awesome tute! I love the photos you added, too. Made it even easier for me. :)

take care,

~*~Patty said...

Great tutorial Lori, thank you for taking the time to do a step by step. I also appreciate the time you put into creating the actual posts. Blogging ain't for sissies or people in a big hurry teehee!
I'm inspired and ready to play, thanks very much for sharing! I'm a member of Angela's Alt Artists group mentioned in the Alt Arts E Magazine!

Wanda H said...

Lori, I love the tutorial!!! Thank you so much!! And I can't wait to see the finished atcs also :-))

Sharon said...

Hi, This is the best tutorial ever! Thank you. I also have these pastels that I bought with a Michael's Coupon. And now I will try to use them. I actually got them for journal pages, and those blank pages seem sooo big. Now I will try on a small ATC size. Not so intimidating. Thanx so much for your wisdom, Sharon.

Susanne said...

Very inspiring tutorial, thank you so much.
I definitely must have a look at your magazine!

Chelsea Bryan Knights said...

This last photo is such a pleasant surprise. They turned out beautiful! As an artist myself, I love seeing an artist's process.

-Chelsea Knights

William said...

Nice Post.I like visiting Art Gallery very much.

carla said...

Wow. Thank you for posting the ATC oil pastel tutorial. Since I haven't had an art lesson since 6th grade (1966, ouch!), I didn't really know what to do with my pastels that were a gift.

And I'm so glad to see you using cereal boxes for your ATCs. I do, too.

This was Very helpful.

carla said...

I forgot to tell you how much I appreciated you posting the tutorial so that number one was at the top. That took some planning on your part but was a considerate way to post it. Thank you.